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Maturation Update

There’s already a sense of “belonging” in the lower dunnage warehouse at Ardnamurchan.  That’s not to say that we spend all day and night in there, but that the mould is spreading out across the floor and up the walls, and the smell that has attracted Scottish angels for centuries is already pervading the cool, damp air…
Nearly 500 casks are now lined up, all of them full of Ardnamurchan spirit, each an individual piece in our maturation jigsaw.

We’ve picked out 2 to compare to the New Make Spirit, and the results are already quite extraordinary:


From left to right: Ardnamurchan new make spirit (July 2014); Ardnamurchan spirit, 1st fill Bourbon barrel 7 ½ months old; Ardnamurchan spirit, 1st fill Sherry hogshead (PX) 5 months old.

 Maturation observations – March 2015 (by sight and nose)

Ardnamurchan new spirit, unpeated July 2014
colour: clear
nose: malt (Shreddies); coarse brown sugar and cream; hard pears; acacia honey

Ardnamurchan spirit, 1st fill Bourbon barrel no. 2, filled end July 2014, Age 7 ½ months
colour: pale gold
nose: heather honey; lemon meringue pie; quince; brown sugar

Ardnamurchan spirit, 1st fill Sherry hogshead (PX) no. 237, filled October 2014, Age 5 months
colour: strong Camomile tea
nose: heather honey; prunes; juicy sultanas; cola cubes; Christmas ham


Ardnamurchan Distillery in the news

We’re delighted that the Lonely Planet has included us as one of ‘the world’s hottest new attractions’…

Visit Scotland have been blogging about the exciting new wave of distilleries opening across Scotland: