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EST 1826

Our History


The Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery built 1826 by Charles and David Gray on the banks of the River Clyde just south of Victoria Bridge on the northern edge of the Gorbals.


Andrew Usher perfects the art of blending, becoming the Father of the modern whisky industry.


William Gladstone passes a law allowing Scotch whisky to be matured tax-free until ready for sale. Punch Magazine celebrates with the cartoon of the Dancey Man.


Ownership of Adelphi changes to Messrs A Walker and Co, owners of two existing distilleries in Liverpool and Limerick. Walker and Co inject new capital and expand the works to include the making of grain spirit as well as malt. A new Coffey Still installed


A Coffey still and four pot stills are all in full production and The Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery becomes one of the largest distilleries in Scotland with an annual output of over 500,000 gallons.


Adelphi bought by the Distillers Company Ltd.


The Great Gorbals Disaster - one of the colossal washbacks in the distillery collapses, engulfing the neighbouring street in a tidal wave of alcohol and resulting in fatality. Malt distilling ceases on site.


Pot stills cease production of malt whisky but grain distilling and cask maturation continue.


Coffey stills cease production of grain whisky


Use of the bonded warehousing ceases.


Final demolition of the Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery.


Glasgow Central Mosque erected on former site of Adelphi Distillery.


Jamie Walker (the great-grandson of Archibald Walker) revives the Adelphi name as an independent bottler in order to explore the mysteries of malt whisky and to make a limited number of rare, well-aged and top quality malt whiskies available to the discerning whisky enthusiast. Charles Maclean becomes Adelphi's "Chief Nose"


Jamie Walker acquires copyright for Punch Magazine’s cartoon of William Gladstone and the Dancey Man is officially adopted as Adelphi’s mascot.


Jamie approached by Keith Falconer and his neighbour in Argyll, Donald Houston, on a recommendation, in order to buy a hogshead of whisky. They were so impressed that they ended up buying the company.


Alex Bruce, descendant of the Father of modern whisky making, joins Adelphi and begins to establish the Adelphi name among whisky connoisseurs around the world as a purveyor of rare and exceptional single casks.


First thoughts of building a distillery in order to complete the full circle and service the ever-growing demand for Adelphi’s whiskies. Feasibility studies begin.


Planning permission granted.


First ground broken at the distillery site at Glenbeg.

Successful conclusion of ground works in the presence of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.


First spirit produced at Ardnamurchan Distillery.

Ardnamurchan Distillery officially opened by HRH The Princess Royal on 25th July 2014.


The first bottling is released, The Ardnamurchan 2016 AD. There were 2500 bottles available to the world and it was sold out overnight.


The second bottling is released, The Ardnamurchan 2017 AD. Again, there were 2500 bottles and was well received around the world. Edinburgh based company, Nevis Designs wins packaging of the year award for bottle design.


In May, the distillery doubled its production to just over 400,000 L.P.A.


The third bottling is released, The Ardnamurchan 2018 AD. This time we managed to find bigger casks that had matured nicely. We yielded 5,000 bottles for this release.


We are hoping to release The Ardnamurchan Single Malt Whisky
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Please note the Distillery Tour is accessible, we also have an internal elevator and accessible facilities - Type 2 Electric Vehicle charging available to all customers. Please ask in the Visitor Centre on arrival.